Great Dane 2008

Sampling the wares at the neighborhood brewpub.

Hi there! Liz here, girl behind the curtain at Brew du Jour. I’m a Wisconsin native with a relentless enthusiasm for finely-crafted beers.

Brew du Jour began as a countdown to my 30th birthday in February 2013. During the month preceding the commencement of my third decade, I tried 1 new beer each day  – 30 beers in 30 days.

Having successfully accomplished that feat, I’m on to new adventures in fermented fun. On tap for summer 2013: paying a visit to each member of the WI Brewers Guild. Stay tuned for updates as I take Brew du Jour on tour!

When I’m not frequenting fine pubs, taverns, and breweries, I work in academic technology in the nation’s best college town, Madison, WI

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