Milwaukee Brewing Co. Booyah Farmhouse Ale

Milwaukee Brewing Co. Booyah

Milwaukee Brewing Co. Booyah: A refreshing alternative to pants-busting winter brews.

While I have much affection for the heavy, malty beers of winter (I’m looking at you, Capital Winter Skal, New Glarus Snowshoe, and Lake Louie Milk Stout), as my pants grow steadily tighter and the days grow steadily longer, I’m looking forward to the lighter, sprightlier ales of spring.

Speaking of spring…Madisonians, did you remember to pick up your Bockfest tickets today? If not, word has it that they might still be available at Steve’s Liquor on University Ave. Hurry – don’t miss out on the bock-analian good times!

At any rate, thanks to Milwaukee Brewing Co. (known colloquially as MKE), we can all get a head start on our vernal libations. Previously a spring seasonal, their Booyah Farmhouse Ale is now part of the year-round lineup. In the interest of full disclosure, since MKE gave its brand a serious facelift in 2012 that included name changes to some products, I can’t be certain that I’ve never tried this one before. Booyah bears a strong resemblance to a seasonal released a couple of years ago under the name Saison, which I heartily enjoyed, but I’m willing to let that slide for the sake of the project. Rule-minding zealots, avert your gaze.

Booyah is a fine example of our modern notion of a Saison/farmhouse style. Historically, Saison isn’t really a classification related to sensory characteristics, but a catch-all term for the sorts of homemade beers once brewed on Belgian farms. Currently, however, most of us associate this style with theĀ  light, fizzy body and complex, yeasty flavors that Booyah epitomizes handily. Accented by subtle spice and citrus notes, Booyah is a refreshing and eminently drinkable alternative to those hearty winter companions. The goods:

Milwaukee Brewing Co. Booyah Farmhouse Ale

Style: Saison/Farmhouse
Availability: Year-round
ABV: 6.5%
Hops: Columbus, Czech Saaz
Notes: Yeasty with slight notes of esters, citrus, and spice. Fizzy, with a very clean finish.
More Info:
My Take: Delightfully refreshing and eminently drinkable.